Marion's Vineyard, accommodation, vineyard, functions and weddings
Deviot, Tamar Valley, Tasmania, Australia, 7275

100 Out Of 100!

Australia's Premier Perfect vineyard site location has been found.

Set in an exquisite, N. E. 15 degree- sloped, tight macro-pocket on the edge of an expansive, sea level, salt-water estuary, that is very hilly and bushclad and devoid of any visual pollution; the location is most reminiscent of a pristine alpine lake.
It is a warm safe position in a cool-climate zone that exhibits profound climatopographical protection. The position offers good winter dormancy without any likelihood of spring frosts. The location is off known hail paths north and south. The bushy topography increases altitude of dangerous winds proportionate to their acceleration while attracting beneficial aspects of summer breezes.
The mezoclimate is directly influenced by the estuarian water temperatures and their minimal fluctuations. Evapotranspiration off the large body of water keeps the humidity high and the vine stress low. Indeed, it is like a fine wine cellar in a vineyard context. The ripening process is nurtured by a great deal of light, both reflected off the water and direct, which is proportional to its more southerly latitudinal location. Rain, at 750mm annual, falls predominantly in winter.
The odd summer storm is supplemented by trickle irrigation fed by four mainlines of 80 p.s.i. town reticulation. Veraison to physiological flavour ripeness is nurtured perfectly by minimal diurnal temperature variation. Located at the half-way point between the mouth and a sizeable regional city, the vineyard is on the longest navigable (by ocean going vessels) inland waterway in Australia.
Soils are important and this location is a stonemason's paradise, rocks abound everywhere. The majority are still in the vineyard, but many have been used to creative ends; building swimming pools, tanks, walls, walkways, arches and five buildings including home and winery. The remaining soil is well drained, ironstone gravelly loam averaging three feet over a moisture retentive rocky, clay subsoil, yielding two to three tonnes average per acre.
What about the wines, you ask? After 12 vintages of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon the wines have achieved a BTA share of gongs, rave reviews, golds, silvers, bronzes a few trophies and most importantly consumer acceptance at the $18.00 price point and upwards. Simply irresistible! Camera grabbing is a common first reaction and as JAMES once said, "You would need to be very brave to seriously challenge its claim to the most beautiful vineyard location in the nation".

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Open Daily from 10am to 5pm daily, evenings by arrangement.